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By paying membership fees to North Raleigh Swim Club (NRSC) you agree to accept the terms of the club's Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement (See 'Waiver' Page) and adhere to the Club Rules and Policies set forth herein.  Additionally, you agree to NRSC's right to suspend or revoke membership privileges for Policy or Rule violations.  

  • Parents are responsible for the action of their children and a family membership can be revoked or suspended in its entirety for a violation of these rules and policies if, in the opinion of NRSC or pool personnel, the parent has not provided appropriate supervision in enforcing these rules and policies.  
  • The Club Manger/ Head Lifeguard on Duty has the right to ask a member to leave the facility if he/she is not following all club/pool/diving board/volleyball court rules, is not adequately supervising their dependent(s), or his/her conduct is out of order or disrespectful to other members, lifeguards or the Club Manger.  An Incident Report will be documented.  
  • If multiple Incidents Reports are documented for any member or member's dependent, they will sent to review by the NRSC Board and the attendance privilege of the member/member's dependent may be revoked either temporarily or for the remainder of the season.  
  • Any decision to suspend or revoke club privileges may, at the request of the member, be reviewed by the NRSC Board. Any decision by the NRSC Board shall be final. 
  • If action is taken to suspend or revoke such privileges, there will be no refund or partial refund of any membership or guest fees. 


1. Membership is required and club members must sign-in at the front desk at the start of each visit and sign-out at the end of each visit to the club.  

2. Members are required to adhere to North Raleigh Swim Club's Guest Policy. (See 'Guest Policy' page for complete guest rules/policy information.)

3.  Use of the facility before/after club hours is not permitted unless approved in advance by the NRSC Board.  

4. No glass containers may be brought into the facility.  Drinks are permitted only if they are in a plastic container, paper cups or cans.

5. No smoking inside entrance gates.  (See 'Health Policy' Page)

6. No pets are permitted at the club. 

7. No skateboards or roller blades may be worn or used inside the club entrance.

8. No climbing on guard chairs, fence and gates.

9.  Dependents of Member Families can utilize the club without their parent(s)/legal guardian(s) when they are 12 years of age or older.  They must follow all club policies and rules.  (See the 'Guest Policy' page for Guest Policies specific to minor-aged dependents.)   

  • The Club Manger on Duty has the right to ask a Member Dependent who is visiting NRSC without his/her parent(s)/legal guardian(s) to leave the facility if he/she is not following club rules or his/her conduct is out of order or disrespectful to other members, lifeguards or the Club Manger.  An incident report will be documented.  
  • The NRSC Board has the right to suspended this privilege, either temporarily or for the remainder of the season, if a Member Dependent of any age does not have proper conduct and does not follow all rules outlined herein.  A single warning will be given to the Member Dependent and his/her parent(s)/legal guardians(s) unless the conduct is deemed egregious or the rule violation causes harm to another member.

10.  Dependents of Member Families who are under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult member or a babysitter who is 16 years of age or older.  (See 'Guest Policy'  page for caregiver/babysitter policy details.)

11. Membership refunds due to relocation will be prorated and a $50.00 processing fee will be applied. 



Please review these rules with your family before visiting the NRSC'S pool. If you have any questions about any of these rules, please contact the Pool Manager on Duty.

1. No swimming is permitted when life guards are off duty or before/after club hours. 

2. Proper swim attire must be worn.  Full coverage swimsuits are required - no thong or "cheekies" permitted. 

3. Please shower all sand off before entering the pool.

4. No running or pushing shall be permitted.

5. No diving allowed except off the pool deck in the diving well when the boards are closed.

6. No flips, back dives, or jumping backwards off the pool deck.

7. No spitting of pool water shall be be permitted. 

8. No hanging lane ropes, diving boards or ladders.

9. Use of starting blocks is only permitted during swim meets.

10. The lap lane is for lap swimmers only. Please stay out of the lap lane unless you are swimming.

11. Lifeguards will take a break from monitoring the pool for the last 10 minutes of every hour.  Minor members/guests are not permitted in the pool or on the pool stairs during these breaks.

12. Beach balls, splash balls, koosh balls or other soft balls may be thrown in the pool, but no Frisbee, footballs, tennis balls or other hard rubber or plastic balls are permitted in the pool.

13. Large flotation devices or certain pool toys must have the Pool Manager’s approval prior to being utilized.

14.  Lifeguards are permitted to put minor members/guests in a temporary 'sit out' if pool rules are not being followed and prior warnings are ignored.  


1. Diving Board weigh limit is 200 lbs.  Members/Guests exceeding 200 lbs. are not permitted to use the diving boards. 

2. To use the diving board, one must be able to swim independently without flotation devices.  If a swimmer’s ability is in question, Lifeguards have the right to ask for a swimming capability demonstration.  Use of the board will be denied if the Lifeguard assesses that swimming skills are inadequate.  

3. Only one person shall be on the board at a time. The next person in line shall wait on the pool deck, not the ladder.

4. Wait for the preceding person to reach the side before jumping.

5. Only one bounce may be taken.

6. Jump straight off the board, not toward the side. Exit the water immediately.

7. Exit the water by the ladder closest to the board from which you jumped.


1. No intentional kicking or throwing of sand. 

2. No hanging on the volleyball nets or climbing of net posts.  

3. Adult member volleyball games or practice takes priority over young children playing in court.  Young children will be directed to use the adjacent Play Area if they are on the court at the start of adult volleyball games/practice.  


Please call the club if you have any doubt about the facility being open.

1. NRSC has the right to close the facility in the event of severe weather. The club will close at the manager’s discretion based on inclement weather and attendance or a pool fecal accident occurs.
2. On rainy days, the pool will stay open but use of the pool will be dependent on the severity of the rain. 
  • If the lifeguards' visibility to the bottom of the pool is compromised, swimmers will be asked to exit the pool until proper visibility can be regained.  
  • No swimming will be allow during occurrences of thunder or lightning. Swimmers will be asked to exit the pool when thunder is heard or lightning is seen.   Swimming will not be allowed until 30 minutes has passed without another occurrence of thunder or lightning.  


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